Commissions & Assignments


Paper & Cloud is now accepting a limited number of commissions. If you have envisioned having work in your home in a particular size, color story, mood, or general location, we would love to talk with you about making that vision into a reality.
Commissions could be a stunning landscape image of a location dear to you, an abstract landscape or mixed media images, a monochrome long exposure, a portrait, etc

The style of the final wall art is not set in stone, there are many options out there and actually too many to list but from the classic framed piece, to canvases, to contemporary installations mounted behind high grade acrylic, using the best materials and craftsmanship available.

With such a variance in options and materials, final costs cannot be listed, but I can give you an example of a typical commission.

* Up to 3 location visits for range of lighting conditions.
* Time for post processing a selection of 5 images for choice.
* Time for preparation of chosen image for print.
* Supply signed one of a kind print with the finish of your choice

*Based on location being within 30 miles of photographer’s location. After 30 miles additional mileage and costs apply. Print supplied and either hand delivered or posted recorded delivery.

If you wish for exclusivity , the pieces commissioned by collectors are going to be truly unique and will not be made into reproductions or offered as any form of print in my shop or with another company. This artwork will be yours and yours alone! As the buyer, you have exclusive rights to display the artwork in your home and I relinquish my right to reproduce the work for profit (I will still share the piece on social media as may you!). I want this to be a piece of fine art that you can cherish and value for generations to come. Additional charges apply for Exclusivity.


We are group of unique, highly talented photographers whose work ranges from sports, portraiture, fine art, abstract, travel and food with a particularly strong emphasis on personal and project based work.

Photographer’s location and specialty

Lisa Wiltse - documentary, portraiture, travel, fine art, abstract and food. Based in the South of France.View Lisa’s work on Paper and Cloud. For an in depth portfolio, please visit her website,

Jenny Evans - Documentary, travel, fine art, portraiture,mixed media and abstract. Based in Sydney, Australia. View Jenny's work here on Paper and Cloud. For an in depth portfolio, please visit her website.

Tim Clayton - Sport or abstract fine art sports images, travel. based in the South of France. View Tim’s work here on Paper and Cloud. For an in depth portfolio, please visit his website.

For specific questions please contact

A. All Paper + Cloud orders are packaged by hand with special care to protect your artworks.

US & International Shipping:

International orders and US orders for fine art prints are shipped via Royal mail or our art crating partner, depending on the artwork type. Orders will be processed in 10 business days and delivered within 5-7 business days, unless otherwise specified.

All other products including acrylics, metal prints, gift cards, gift prints and framed prints, will be shipped from our printing partners from the USA, UK or The Netherlands.

A. We are dedicated to providing our collectors with accurate descriptions and visuals of the artwork featured on our site. However, if you are displeased with your acquisition please email us at We’ll gladly offer you a store credit within 10 days of receipt of the artwork. Custom framed pieces and originals will have a 20% processing fee.

If your works arrive damaged, please ensure Paper + Cloud is notified within 14 days of delivery.

A.Yes! We ship worldwide. 


All fine art editioned prints ship for free worldwide with standard royal mail.

Additional shipping rates for products are calculated by the size of the package, and shipped via our printing partners based in the USA, UK and the Netherlands.  Please feel free to reach out to for any specific shipping and handling questions. 


A. We ship each artwork with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is signed by the artist guarantee you are collecting an authentic work of art. The certificate includes the title, dimension, materials, and all details of the artwork as well as edition series information.  As a collector, it will be important to hold onto your certificate as it will help with the future value of the work adding provenance and context around your acquisition of the piece.

A. A limited edition is a fixed number of identical prints. The artist directly oversees production and sets the edition size. Unfortunately, when an edition is sold out, it is no longer available. A limited edition print has more value than an open edition or open run print because the availability and scarcity of each work is controlled.

 A. For special sizing and commissions, please reach out to and we’d be happy to discuss a special size or potential commission for a new original work with the artist on your behalf.  Paper + Cloud will provide the artist creative guidance and will be sure that you are satisfied with the work produced. We’ll also facilitate any production, payment processing, and shipping requirements.

A. Open edition prints may be endlessly reproduced. An open edition print is often priced lower and valued lower than a limited edition print because there is an unlimited amount of availability.