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Artist Interview Series #1 - The Round Button

"I wish my designs can find their way to the homes of people who love 
the Aegean as much as I do, and to the homes of visitors who want to 
take a memory of it with them…"
Studio Visit with Alexandra
Alexandra, owner of The Round Button, grew up in Athens, Greece where she lives and works as a designer. She creates wall decor, handmade cushions,
and jewelry based on very specific shapes discovered during her travels to the Cyclades islands. 
Her main inspiration source is the island of Tinos -her second home: the 
sea with the changing moods, the rough standing rocks, the local 
Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist.
I’ve been working as a commercial graphic designer for many years and
I needed to work on something that would intrigue me, so in 2014 I
created a design-decor project which I named “The Round Button”. The
main idea behind this project was to combine minimalistic style with
themes inspired by the Cyclades islands.
While it began as a prints project, it now involves collaborating with
architects & decorators for the decoration of homes, hotels and office
spaces. In addition, the designs are applied to a series of decor
products and gifts.
Why do you do what you do?
Well, I create art because it is my way of escaping reality, a way of 
breathing in everyday city life.
Walk us through a day in your life of creating your work. What is your 
process like?
The creative process has two phases: It begins during the summer while 
strolling around the island's most peculiar places, in order to 
discover architectural shapes and natural elements that can be later 
redesigned. I collect as many photos as possible and then when I go 
back to my office in Athens I choose my favorites.
The second phase is to imagine, draw shapes and create minimal designs 
out of these photos. When the designs are ready I test them on walls 
and fabric to see if they can be used and how.
So my everyday routine on the island is full of walking and 
photographing, while my routine at the city workshop includes lots of 
sketches, computer work, and embroidery!

What song inspires you?
Well it can’t be just one, right? The radio is always on while I work,
I hear classical music, lots of rock and a bit of mainstream (depends
on the project actually) but if it had to be only one inspiring song
that would be “Absolute Beginners” by D. Bowie

What superpower would you have and why?
Time-traveling. Definitely. If that’s not possible I’d like to be the
invisible woman, please 😂

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
To be persistent and patient at the same time.

Name something you love, and why.
I love walking at the island, breathing the scented air, being in
touch with natural elements of the Aegean and feeling free.

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